October 7, 2022

We got our ears professionally cleaned – and the results shocked us



We went to the Clear Ear Clinic in Oxford to get our ears cleared using a procedure called microsuction.

“It’s done with a tiny vacuum that hoovers everything that’s in the ear gently,” ENT nurse practitioner Sarah Elliott told Business Insider.

Wax is the body’s natural protection of the ear canal. But too much of it can cause damage, including infections or pressure in the ear.

“Wax is composed of three things: dead skin, the oil that everyone secretes onto their skin called sebum, and a specialised form of sweat called cerumen,” ENT surgeon Simon Gane told Business Insider.

Ears have a natural clearance mechanism to get rid of the excess wax. But sometimes using earplugs, cotton buds, or drops will prevent this system from doing its job, leading to more buildup.

There are also other factors that determine one’s wax buildup, such as genetics, and the size of one’s ear canal.

A microsuction for both ears at the Clear Ear Clinic costs £85, and takes around 15 minutes. Doctors recommend getting your ears checked annually.


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